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Real Estate Legal Services

Real estate is a big investment. Whether purchasing/selling real estate or simply trying to protect the property you already own, Congdon Law Offices, LLC in Tewksbury MA has the know how to efficiently handle your real estate legal needs. Congdon Law Offices, LLC has vast experience in providing real estate legal services such as the ones listed below.

Real Estate Closing Attorney

In Massachusetts, as in many other states, a closing attorney is required to oversee the settlement of real estate purchase/sales transactions. Choosing Congdon Law Offices, LLC to serve as your closing attorney puts years of knowledge and understanding to work for you in this important role.

Congdon Law Offices, LLC specializes in the closing of property transactions and has successfully directed the closing process for hundreds of satisfied clients. We are well versed in every aspect of the closing process: from drawing up & reviewing purchase/sales agreements to examining the property's title & resolving title issues.

In preparation for your closing, Congdon Law Offices, LLC reviews all the documents you'll be signing, verifying their accuracy & completeness. Then, at the closing, we'll be there to guide you through the process, explaining each document and ensuring the process goes smoothly & is recorded properly.

Selling a Home: Seller's Agent

Congdon Law Offices, LLC can assist you in the sale of your home by being available to review and discuss the realtor documents, review any offers or purchase and sales agreements, work with the buyer's attorney and attend the closing to represent your interests.

Purchasing a Home: Buyer's Agent

Congdon Law Offices, LLC can assist you when purchasing a home. We are available to review any offers, assist you in decision making, review purchase and sales agreement, intercede with your lender and attend the closing to represent your interests.

Homestead Declaration

This declaration protects the principle residence for a family's home against forced sale by creditors. Currently, without filing a homestead declaration, the Massachusetts statute allows $125,000 of protection. If a homestead declaration form is filed at the registry of deeds, the statute allows $500,000 of protection. Homeowners over the age of 62 should both sign an elderly homestead declaration. Homestead declarations do not protect the home from estate recovery powers of Mass Health.

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Entrust Congdon Law Offices, LLC With Your Real Estate Legal Matters.

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